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Filing Jointly

Filing Jointly with a Queens Bankruptcy Attorney

If you are married and considering bankruptcy, this raises the option of filing jointly with your spouse. Should you file jointly? Or will this make bankruptcy and even harder experience for you and your loved one? A Queens bankruptcy attorney can review your debts and your finances to help you decide whether joint filing is a good decision.

What is joint bankruptcy filing?

Filing jointly often occurs when couples share debt, or if an individual carries debts for which the spouse may be held liable. The decision the file jointly will depend on certain factors like the type of debt you owe, or the type of bankruptcy you wish to file.

Should you file jointly with your spouse?

There are certain things to consider when are thinking about filing jointly for bankruptcy. If your spouse co-signed on debts that you accumulated, s/he is now also responsible or them. If your spouse did not sign a contract on your debts, then s/he is exempt from liability. If you are filing individually, then your spouse is not protected by an automatic stay. You also need to review other considerations like the types of debt you owe and the types of property you own, as these can affect how you should file. Bruce Feinstein, Esq. and his team can help you review your situation and guide you towards the best solution.

Can filing jointly help you? – Pros and Cons

What can joint filing do for you? When you and your spouse file together it:

  • Covers debts you and your spouse have together.
  • Doubles your bankruptcy exemptions, which can include your property, pension, benefits, and insurance.
  • Gives you and your spouse the benefits of an automatic stay once you file.

Queens Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you are solely responsible for your debt, it may make sense to file individually and not with your spouse. But it is very important to review your debts to see if your spouse is liable, and if his/her credit will be affected. The decision about how to file is a tough one, and a Queens bankruptcy attorney can help you and your loved one find a suitable arrangement. The firm’s legal advice and expertise can be incredibly helpful; they have helped many clients make the right choice and their years of experience are invaluable.

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